Seryson Consulting - Consultoría tecnológica: Consultoría de estrategia TIC Seryson ofrece una amplia variedad de servicios de consultoría tecnológica en España a organizaciones que busquen alcanzar el alto rendimiento.

SERYSON CONSULTING was founded in 2011, when a group of highly qualified professionals with a broad experience decides to set in motion a project aiming to create synergic links among firms and professionals, with the aim of taking advantage of business opportunities as well as improving their capabilities. In the middle of a big economic crisis in Europe, we are moved by our commitment with economic development, contributing actively to the promotion of an entrepreneurial activity and a culture of internationalization and expansion, promoting the presence of firms and capitals in international markets.

Seryson provides help in the search for capital, finding sources of funding, both public and private.

We generate value in our customers’ activities, focusing upon the formulation, implementation and management of tools for business development and investment. We aim that our customers could take advantage of the business opportunities that arise in the highly complex and dynamic environments in which they develop their activities.

Our knowledge of the legal and macroeconomic environments, our forecast capacity and our relational capital, together with our vocation for collaborating with innovation processes allows us a high degree of accomplishment in each and every project that we take.  

SERYSON is an association of experts in various and different sectors that bring together knowledge, values and experience in order to provide those services and solutions that our clients demand: firms, private clients, investment funds, public institutions, employer associations and NGOs.



SERYSON provides advisory and management services to help their customers in their investments. This activity covers everything from the discovery of business opportunities to their formulation, including legal, financial and economic aspects of the operation.


SERYSON develops its activity in the following business lines:


- Discovering of business opportunities.

- Search and identification of investors.

- Search of finance.

- Legal and economic advise.

In situ accompaniment in each country.

- Brokering.

Presenting key actors and stakeholders for the success of the investment.


Identification of competitors and analysis of potential acquisitions, managing the development, solutions and finalization of the operation.


In SERYSON we are specialists in the advice for international contracts. We also prepare business plans for presenting to investors.


We look for, manage and get funding, both private and public.

We advice on means and ways of payment (Latter of Credit/Documentary remittance).

-  We advice in export insurance (CESCE, LLOYD´S, NCM, COFACE) and foreign currency hedge contracts.


A fundamental aspect is the in situ support. SERYSON has the support of a broad network of local collaborators, in the markets we work in. We also provide the accompaniment in collaboration with our local partners, with the aim of providing the firms a first contact with the chosen market, identifying the market opportunities for their services and products. We put in contact the entrepreneur with local people, clients, providers and potential partners.  

SERYSON is a provider of viable and profitable projects, to those investors who are looking for business opportunities especially interesting in present and future sectors, with highest returns and the least risk possible. Thanks to our broad portfolio of clients and investors we’ve been able to create this are of business that stimulates and creates synergies among actors, facilitating the closing of operations and transactions. Thus, we dispose of a project portfolio previously checked and selected by our team of professionals.