Seryson Consulting - Consultoría tecnológica: Consultoría de estrategia TIC Seryson ofrece una amplia variedad de servicios de consultoría tecnológica en España a organizaciones que busquen alcanzar el alto rendimiento.


Application development


We develop IT systems that allow our customers to reach their goals. We adapt our solutions to the specific needs of the organizations we work with. The constant technological changes and the evolution of business scenarios require new and customized solutions. How do we do it?

Developing software that satisfies the needs of their users.

-  Implementing robust, reliable and maintenance-friendly solutions.

-  Providing comprehensive services that span the entire life cycle of the applications (maintenance, outsourcing of the application management, hosting of the applications, etc.)

- With a culture oriented to the use of development methodologies.

- With a group of highly specialized professionals, knowledgeable with the architectures in use.

- And being experts in the development of applications of enterprise management, corporate websites, sectorial and thematic, e-commerce applications, etc.


Web development


Through diagnoses that we make internally and to our customers, we have so far developed customized IT solutions, to improve throughputs, outputs and final outcomes.  

We provide an integral service of design for creating corporate websites, together with a definition of business strategies that work and give results since the beginning, taking care, not only of those features that can make the site appealing, but also to other aspects that we consider equally important, such as the usability, accessibility, the fulfillment of standards and processing.